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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sizing Up Your Food Portions

Protein fuels our energy and helps build strong muscles. Use the area and thickness of your palm to eyeball how much chicken, fish or tofu you should be eating in a single sitting.

What should accompany your protein? Scoop up two fist-sized portions of fresh veggies for a ton of nutrients and antioxidants.

Use both your hands like serving spoons to lift up a big portion of leafy greens. To give yourself about a tablespoon of dressing, use the length of your thumb as a guideline.

When you're figuring out how many berries to pile on top of your morning yogurt, fill your hand for just the right portion of fresh fruit.

These are the guys we really have to watch out for (they taste so good it's easy to overdo it!). For butter and oil, use your thumbnail as a measure.

How Do You Define Desire?

A young man wanted to know the meaning, the true meaning of desire. He search his early life for that meaning. He asked many people and the answers left him wanting more at each interval and each stop. It was suggested to him to go in search of an old mysterious old sage. Some believed the old wise man did not even exist.

The young man set out on his journey to find the wise old man. He searched for days when he finally came upon the sage. He asked the wise, old man, "What is the definition of desire?"

The old man said, "follow me!" The two hiked up and down mountains for hours to a crystal clear bluish green lake. It was medium sized, but gorgeous. You could see right through the water a good twenty feet or so before the distortion was just too much. The sage waded slowly out into the clear cool water with no expression on his face. At that point he placed his head in the water as if to see something. He lifted his head. He was nearly thirty feet out when he turned back to the shore.

He motioned for the young man to follow him out to the place where he was standing and said, "Come here young one. Come and see desire."

The young man started out to meet him. The water was very, very cool. It made the youth flinch at its coolness. He looked up at the sage still having no expression on his face. He continued on. The water stung as he waded out to where the old sage was. He looked at the the old man. The old man inclined his head downward motioning for the youth to look in the water. Slowly the youth lowered his body to look into the lake.

Suddenly, he felt two amazingly strong hands holding his head underwater. He could not escape. He fought with every ounce he could to free himself. He was beginning to lose hope, but with one last surge he managed to break free of the grip of the old man. He pulled his head out of the water and took in a huge breath. The precious air filled him with what he needed. Exasperated, the youth yelled, "Why did you do that?"

The old sage calmly stated, "My dear boy, when you find that which you are willing to fight with your entire being to obtain, just like you fought for the air, you will master desire."

The young man had found the meaning of desire and the answer to his question.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Black Belt Study Habits

1. Get your class work done: The more you get done in class, the less you have to take home.

2. Plan your homework time: Start on time and concentrate on your homework 100%.

3. Homework area: Have a nice area with everything you need easily available.

4. Plan your work: Put each subject and assignment in order and complete each task accordingly.

5. Do it all: Always be honest with your parents about how much homework you have.

6. Block distractions: Don't let the TV, phone, or people distract you. These distractions can make it harder to learn and make it take much longer to complete your work.

7. Get help: Put the homework you need help with on the side and continue working on something else until someone is available to help you.

8. Check it: Go through each assignment to make sure it is complete and correct.

9. Organize: Organize your finished homework neatly so it is ready to turn in the next day.

10. Do your best: Homework and studying help you get smarter and achieve great things in life.